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Jason Estes
Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer
Frank Smith
Jason Hughes
Vice President
Julie Valasek
Recording Secretary
Billy Reese
Executive Board Member
Wayland Walker
Executive Board Member

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Meeting Times

Union meetings are the Second Tuesday of every month at 6 pm.

Text the word Local to 292929 to receive information from LIUNA

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Monthly Dues
Per LIUNA, the past practice of not suspending delinquent members has been eliminated and delinquent members will be suspended per Uniform Local Union Constitution (ULUC) Article VIII, Section 4. You will be suspended on the 61st day of nonpayment. If mailing dues or office hours are inconvenient to your schedule, you can login to your personal information on this website and make any necessary payment at any time of the day.
2020 is an ELECTION YEAR!
Make sure you and everyone you know are registered to vote. All States require that you be a United States citizen by birth or naturalization to register to vote in Federal and State elections. Federal law makes it illegal to falsely claim US citizenship to register to vote in any federal, State or local election. Also Note: You cannot be registered to vote in more than one place at a time.

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